Hoping for a Wimbledon Invite

It’s day five and I am most definitely now a bonafide Dryathlete™. FACT.

The reasons I know this:

1. I wasn’t sick in Poundland. Basically, the man in front of me in the queue smelt so bad I thought I might be sick in my basket all over my bubble wrap. There is no excuse for anyone to smell that bad and Poundland sell shower gel and washing powder for a pound for goodness’ sake! The benefit of being a high performing Dryathlete™is that, had I had my usual prosecco-fuelled hangover, I would most definitely have been sick. And probably in my new Mulberry handbag (Bayswater in Dark Blush, FYI).

2. I went to one of my favourite pubs in Maida Vale, The Waterway, with my flatmate and, rather than ordering my usual glass of Laurent Perrier Rose, I skipped through the drinks menu and got stuck into the Virgin Cocktail offer. Some might say I was even a little excited at the volume of options available for us Dryathletes™. Rather than go with the Apple Mojito and feel cheated there was no Bacardi in it, I decided to go for the ‘Forbidden Fruits’. I felt this was the most ‘edgy’ option on the menu and must say I rather enjoyed it. That said, if I’m really honest, it could have probably done with a shot of vodka.

3. I managed to hold my plank for 60 seconds in my personal training session this morning. I’ve never done that before. To be fair I’m usually hungover for my Sunday morning sessions and get a bit light headed after about 20 seconds when my nose is touching the athletics track. So I’m feeling quite proud of myself now. The downside is Edo now knows I can do it and is highly unlikely to let me get away with anything less in Tuesday’s session. Hmmmm.

So here we are at the end of the evening and I’m feeling super proud that I’ve made it through my first full weekend as a Dryathlete™. The worrying thing is that I don’t actually remember the last time I went five whole days without at least one drink and so it’s amazing what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it.

I also have a feeling that the profits from Robinsons Fruit & Barley Orange squash (no added sugar) might just go through the roof this month. I wonder if they’ll invite me to Wimbledon this year to say thanks? I’ll most definitely be up for a few glasses of Lanson by then.

I can do this.

Gabriella x


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