Don’t Tell My Mum About The Pint Glasses

One whole week as a Dryathlete™ and quite possibly the longest I’ve gone without even a sip of alcohol since I came of age. A worrying thought.

From the school days of drinking Mad Dog 20:20 and Hooch behind the rugby club, the university years of downing bottles of blue WKD, shots of Aftershock and pints of Cider and Black, through to the past fifteen years of trying to find the best wine producer in the world through careful, regular sampling, this is a very strange feeling indeed.

That said, I’m now really starting to notice a difference. There are five main signs so far.

I feel fresher. Whilst getting out of bed is unlikely to ever become a simple task, I feel significantly more refreshed when I get out of bed than I usually would. This means I seem to spend less time faffing around in the morning and have a greater focus on getting myself ready and out of the house more quickly.

I have more energy. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my physical strength and endurance. Running has become easier and I can sustain the exercises in my personal training sessions for longer than I could before. The downside is I’m finding it harder to get to sleep at night on the days I’m not training as I seem to have excess energy which needs to be burnt.

I’m less bloated. Just that really.

I’m much more hydrated. I’ve been drinking two to three litres of water a day. Often after work I’d automatically have a glass of wine or prosecco. Even if I’m thirsty, I don’t usually have a soft drink with it, instead using wine as my sole method of hydration. As a result of Dryathlon™, I’ve been drinking water rather than wine when I’m thirsty. In fact I’m finding I’m thirsty much less often than usual.

I’m much more alert. In work I’m finding I’m a lot sharper and able to make decisions more quickly. I seem to stay focused on specific tasks for longer without getting distracted or drifting into procrastination mode. This is probably where I’m feeling the most positive impact of being such a high performing Dryathlete™.

Chatting in the office with other Dryathletes™, we all confirmed we are amazed at how much more focused and alert we feel. There is a real buzz amongst the team, as well as a sense of pride that we’ve surpassed even our own expectations!

In fact, I wonder what the increase in the organisation’s effectiveness would be if we all became perma Dryathletes™. In fact, imagine the impact on the UK Economy if its entire workforce gave up alcohol.

Now that’s a thought.

I can do this.

Gabriella x

PS Don’t tell my mum I used to drink from pint glasses at university. She says it’s very unladylike.

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