Mysterious Girl

Being a Dryathlete™ has definitely made me more mysterious. FACT.

I know this because every time I’ve gone into my local since it opened last year, one of my favourite bar men (Joao, see pic above) knows that I like a glass of prosecco with a (quartered) strawberry in it. When I went in on Thursday it was a whole new experience. Aware of my new Dryathlete™ status he was unsure of what I’d go for. A woman of mystery indeed! Peter Andre would have been intrigued.

So rather than embarking on a simple cork-popping exercise, he got chopping with a rather juicy looking water melon, some apple, cucumber and mint. Add to that some crushed ice and he basically made me a Mr Frosty* with none of the nastiness. And it didn’t turn my tongue blue either.

Ahhhh…. Mr Frosty.

In other alcohol-avoiding outings last week, the ‘Quizz and Fizz’ at Searcy’s champagne bar was actually fine too. It was on the upstairs concourse at St Pancras station and it was so cold that we were given a heater, blankets and a hot bottle to keep warm. I can confirm that sheepskin mittens look much better wrapped around a cup of tea than a champagne flute and so I didn’t feel too hard done by after all!

I can do this.

Dinner in the pub on Sunday night with a group of local pals who I’ve not seen properly for ages was another good test. My flatmate got straight on the rouge and I automatically ordered myself a large bottle of sparkling water, which swiftly arrived accompanied by an empty glass, a tumbler of ice with silver tongs and a little plate of lime wedges with cocktail sticks (NB I just asked for a glass with ice and a slice of a lime, but the creative flair was appreciated!). Only in Maida Vale.

The cutest thing ever was a friend introducing me to 100% black grape juice drunk from wine glasses when I popped over for a cuppa on Sunday afternoon. Being really honest, I’m not sure I would actually be able to tell whether it was alcoholic or not if put to the test. Apart from maybe the telltale leg tingling that usually happens five minutes into my first glass. A nice alternative to satisfy a bit of mind trickery.

I’m still feeling all of the benefits of being a Dryathlete™ that I wrote about some weeks ago and there’s no denying how much fitter I’ve got during January. I’m 100% sure it’s down to my being a Dryathlete™. I did a personal training session followed by a boxing bootcamp on Sunday. Both in the rain. There’s no way I could have or would have done that on a hangover.

There’s also no way I could have headed up to Bolton at 05:30 on a Monday morning and then do a full day of meetings with a hangover. (I also have no desire to do that ever again, hangover or not!)

It’s weird, I’m not even looking forward to my first drink. It feels somewhat like a first date but one where you’re setting yourself up for disappointment rather than the one where you’ve got a flippy over stomach because you so want it to be a good one. I will of course have a cheeky few but am not sure I’m expecting fireworks.

Lent is coming up in a few weeks and whilst my abstinence usually extends to sweets, chocolate, crisps, cake, biscuits and ice cream, I’ve never been quite holy enough to extend my list of forbidden indulgences to alcohol.

But there’s a first for everything.

And besides, hangovers are sooo 2013!

I can do this.

Gabriella x

* As well as not letting me drink from pint glasses, mum wouldn’t let me have a Mr Frosty when I was younger either as she said it was ‘junk’. I might get one now. Just to be a rebel.

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